NeMO My Voice

Voice saving message bank.

If ALS is taking your voice away, record messages with your voice and store them on the cloud.
You can create your own message bank, and use it to speak when the time comes that you can't use your voice anymore.
This app has a record function where you can speak to the phone and leave your message. You can name it, categorize it and select a color to identify it.
This way, you will be able to create your own audio data base. A speaking assistant where you'll be able to navigate through your own recorded messages.
The more you record, the more you will save for the future.

The download of this app is also a donation to Centro clinico Nemo, so they can continue helping people with ALS.

Download to donate!

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If you have any suggestions to make this better, please don't hesitate to mail us so we can evaluate another version.
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